Adonomics Finds a New Home

December 18th, 2008

As you can read here, the site (an Altura Ventures portfolio company) was sold to Adknowledge on November 3, 2008 .  Adknowledge is one of the leading multi-channel advertising networks and offered  Adonomics’ app publishers a chance for increased ad revenue.

Since Altura Ventures invested in Adonomics, it has been the home of my blog related to the Facebook App phenomenon.  Those posts made a number of bold predictions about Facebook and tried to make sense of one of the most important developments in software since the advent of the graphical operating system.

For a list of the prior blog posts on the Adonomics site, you can refer to the following:

So, now that Adonomics has found its new home, it is time for my blog to find a new home at the Altura Ventures web site. In addition to writing about Facebook, I’ll include posts about those topics that software entrepreneurs are most likely to be interested in. These include the startup process, fundraising, angel investors, strategic partnerships, VCs, viral marketing, leadership, negotiating, selling an app/domain/company and enjoying the entrepreneurial way of life.

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